Rune Readings

A lit candle, an iron seer’s wand topped with a amber, an open red bag, and a pile of runes marked on squares of wood, all on a white linen cloth

“The runes you must find and meaningful letters

very great letters,

very stiff letters,

which the mighty sage coloured

and the huge Powers made

and the runemaster of the gods carved out.”

The Poetic Edda, Translated by Carolyne Larrington
“Sayings of the High One,” verse 142

The art of divination – looking into the hidden and spiritual influences on our lives – has always been a deeply important aspect of my personal practice. Since reading tarot cards on the bus to school in exchange for pens and candy in Middle School, offering my skill as a reader to my communities has always been a calling for me. Since those early days, I have become practiced in many forms of divination including tarot, runes, spae, geomancy, and others.

The runes are alphabetical symbols associated with ancient Heathen practice. Their use as a writing system – and their replacement by our modern Latin characters – is directly associated with the conversion of Germanic tribes to Christianity throughout Europe. Various surviving rune poems show the correlation between each rune “letter” and a word or image. Many of the runes represent trees, animals, people, weather, etc. Some of our surviving lore tells of the deep mythological importance of this set of symbols. Today, reading or casting runes is a common method of divination among Heathens and other Pagans.

My own readings are done with the 33-rune “Northumbrian” set of the Old English Fuþorc. This is a late form of the runic alphabet, and the meanings and associations of these runes are more attested than the early runes, while their sound values correlate better with Modern English, and their symbolic associations are more closely related to the modern Anglo-Western Culture that we in the United States share, whatever our individual ancestral background. In the myths, runes are won by all the different beings of the worlds – gods, elves, giants, humankind – the added runes in this Fuþorc speak to me on a mythological level of the winning of further runes since the inception of the runic alphabet in the 2nd century CE.

Readings by Email

With in person readings impossible due to the global situation, I am now offering rune readings by email. Each three-rune reading costs $25, which may be payed via Paypal or Venmo. Readings must be scheduled by email or via Facebook PM, and will not be performed until payment is received. I will schedule a limited number of readings per week – depending on demand your reading may need to be scheduled for a future week. The full results of your reading will be emailed as a PDF to the address you provide by Friday of the week your reading is scheduled for. To request a reading, you must provide name, email, and a one sentence question or topic for the reading.

NB: these readings are a serious part of my spiritual practice. The runes do not always give positive responses, and your reading may reflect that. If you find the response to your reading challenging, I always recommend getting a second opinion by another reader. The runes may also decide that there is a more important issue at hand than the one you ask about. In my experience around 20% of my readings are subject to such “runic override,” though usually the client is unsurprised about the bigger issue needing to be addressed. Be open to whatever message you receive. These readings are provided to help you look at your life through a different lens; what you do with that information is up to you. The runes can look at the hidden influences running through your life and past decisions that may be affecting your current course, but they do not predict the future. Only you are in charge of the actions and decisions you make today.

For an email reading, contact me via email at or via Facebook messenger. Paypal or Venmo information will be provided after we have set up your reading.