Email Rune Readings

It’s time to expand the scope of this website! For years, I’ve offered in-person readings at festivals and in my own home – tarot, runes, and other forms of divination. With the demands of social distancing and quarantines, in-person readings are impossible for me to offer right now. While other diviners are making zoom readings or phone readings work, I’d like to put out a different option (for the more introverted of us!) – an emailed rune reading sent straight to your inbox!

I’ve tested this method of reading with several willing clients and gotten good results and great feedback. Time to put it out to the world. Check out this page on my website for more information, or navigate to “Rune Readings” on the menu above! There’s a narrative about my relationship to divination, and at the bottom of the page are the directions for contacting me for your very own rune reading. The summary of that information is as follows:

“With in person readings impossible due to the global situation, I am now offering rune readings by email. Each three-rune reading costs $25, which may be payed via Paypal or Venmo. Readings must be scheduled by email or via Facebook PM, and will not be performed until payment is received. I will schedule a limited number of readings per week – depending on demand your reading may need to be scheduled for a future week. The full results of your reading will be emailed as a PDF to the address you provide by Friday of the week your reading is scheduled for. To request a reading, you must provide name, email, and a one sentence question or topic for the reading.”

I’m super excited to offer this service to my various communities. I look forward to scheduling you for a reading soon!

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