Trey Moonwood Official Site

Welcome to my new official website and blog!

I’m Trey (they/them), and I am a Queer Heathen Writer and Witch living the Green Mountains of Vermont. In the realm of paganism and Heathenry, I am the leader and founder of Chase Hill, an Inclusive Heathen Kindred, and I teach workshops locally and regionally through nearby Pagan Pride Days and through the EarthSpirit Community. I am a community diviner, and read tarot, runes, and perform Heathen spae rituals. In the realm of writing, I am a novelist, a poet, and a poetry teacher. In the realm of queer community, I am a drag queen and mother of the House of DeValley, and I run drag shows in Southern Vermont. All three of these realms deeply influence who I am and the work I do.

As part of a push to reach out and share with a wider audience some of the work I do in my local communities, this website and blog will become a hub where you can come find out what I’m up to and contact me about my work. I’m excited to feature several large projects that are in the works, and to reach out regularly and share my perspectives on spirituality, writing, queerness, and getting through this life with grace and art, despite the challenges.

Thanks so much for checking out this space – and be sure to follow this blog, as well as following me on Facebook!

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