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Email Rune Readings

It’s time to expand the scope of this website! For years, I’ve offered in-person readings at festivals and in my own home – tarot, runes, and other forms of divination. With the demands of social distancing and quarantines, in-person readings are impossible for me to offer right now. While other diviners are making zoom readings…

New Release: The Gorgon Verses

I’m excited to finally announce the release of The Gorgon Verses: Poems for a Queer Mythology! Challenged to live queer in this world, inspired by ancient myths and sacred stories, and fed by the deep nourishment of nature’s beauty, The Gorgon Verses is the product of a long personal journey of writing poetry and digging…

Trey Moonwood Official Site

Welcome to my new official website and blog! I’m Trey (they/them), and I am a Queer Heathen Writer and Witch living the Green Mountains of Vermont. In the realm of paganism and Heathenry, I am the leader and founder of Chase Hill, an Inclusive Heathen Kindred, and I teach workshops locally and regionally through nearby…

The Gorgon Verses: Poems for a Queer Mythology

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Trey Moonwood

Trey lives in the deep woods of the Green Mountains in New England with their werewolf husband and two dogs. They are a drag queen and mother of a rural drag house, a witch and seer, and the founder of an inclusive Heathen Kindred. Trey has always been a writer of poetry and all kinds of fantasy, and they regularly teach at events in the regional pagan community.

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